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"Climate of Lust"
Breezy Brian Gregg Releases his latest CD - "Climate of Lust"

The CD can be purchased at Tix on the Square
9930 - 102 Avenue, Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton, Alberta


The Album is out as a limited edition. You can purchase one directly from Breezy or at Tix on the Square. Also soliciting offers from record companies that may be interested in marketing this work. On line order at

Brian Gregg
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All songs © Brian Gregg
Co-Producers Harry Gregg & Stew Kirkwood
Drums & Percussion - Stew Kirkwood
Bass - Moses Gregg except on "I live for my job" - Harry Gregg
Harmonica - Rusty Reed
Guitars and vocals - Brian Gregg

Bed Tracking - Big Dreamer Sound
Overdubs & Mixing - Riverdale Recorders
Inspiration & Encouragement thanks to Patsy Amico
Vocal coaching thanks to Kimberley MacGregor

Breezy, playing lead guitar for Angus Park Blues Band, opened for Led Zeppelin at the Edmonton Gardens in 1969 and has played in many bands since including the Big Dreamer Band in the 80s and 90s. Three years ago he was a winner in the Edmonton Blues Society's Memphis Blues Challenge and went to represent Edmonton in Memphis for the International Blues Challenge. Many know him as the Busker in the sparkly jacket seen and heard around Edmonton and often at noon hours on the southwest corner of Churchill Square.


Contact Brian Gregg / telephone: (780) 429-3624 email: 2015